Research Interests

My research area is Algebraic Geometry. I’m also interested in related fields, like differential geometry and applications of algebraic geometry to physics, specially to string theory. My current work is related to:

  1. Derived categories and integral functors.

  2. Geometric applications:

  3. -Birational geometry and singular varieties

  4. -moduli spaces

  5. -Elliptic and K3 fibrations

  6. Physics  applications:

  7. -Mirror symmetry

  8. -Compactifications of string theories

  9. -D-branes

  10. Vector bundles

  11. Supermanifolds

Recent publications and preprints

  1. Preprints

  2. Papers

  3. Books


I have also served as editor for the

“Concise Encyclopedia of Supersymmetry and Noncommutative Structures in Mathematics and Physics”, Kluwer Academic Publishers, (2003)

and made some contributions to it.