Welcome to my web site.

Here yo can find information about me and my teaching and research activities. I’ve been working in mathematics since 1976, and have enjoyed this very much. I have also been committed with my University and served as Dean of the Faculty of Sciences for one three-years term, and twice as Head of the Department of Mathematics.

From October 15th, 2007 to December 18th, 2009 I served as Director of the University Institute for Fundamental Physics and Mathematics, IUFFYM, of the University of Salamanca.

In December 18th, 2009 I was appointed Rector of the University of Salamanca for a four years term.

About Me

Name: Daniel Hernández Ruipérez

Position: Professor of Geometry and Topology

Affiliation: Department of Mathematics,

Universidad de Salamanca


E-mail: ruiperez@usal.es

Phone: +34 923294459

Fax: +34 923294583

Address: Plaza de la Merced 1-4, 37008, Salamanca(Spain)




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